Francisca Blázquez presents, for the second time in Hipólito Restó & Arte of the city of Buenos Aires Dimensional exposure term coined by the creator of Madrid in 1998 and lets look into the more elegant side of life, the structural side, through which finds evidence of formality that runs the propensity towards light, towards spirituality and the rise of love and loving.

Francisca Blazquez is a creative innovation, betting on the beauty in moments of crisis in which everything is questioned, but at the same time is able to clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel because there is no single truth, but in Instead, the magic of the maze is endless. Born in Madrid, creator of dimensional new theory that is based on travel through dimensions to find a better understanding of the spiritual dynamic, energetic, bright, mental and astral. Essentially painter but also jewelry, sculptor, writer, photographer, draw, create net.art, digital animations, installations and assembly.

His work is the mathematics of the universe, is also interested in the transparent, from forms that sometimes are crystallographic structures such as the recent series on the size of the water or submerged in the investigation of the formal complexity in which notes the strength of the lighting and the evocative power of superb architecture that connects us to the allegory of the soul deep inside. An allegory, which is symbiosis of strength and expression, determination and moments of great spiritual receptivity. With more than 366 solo and group exhibitions in 17 countries and continents, painterly creation is best represented in international collections: Newman Foundation of Chicago, Museum Marugame Hirai Japan JJ.00. Beijing, Madrid Argentaria Foundation, Union Bank of Switzerland, Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, Grupo Duplex, Eurodesign, Swiss Banking Corporation, etc..
He works in acrylic on canvas, seeking balance, in symmetry, highlighting the beauty of the structures, making the color intensity in galactic environments, cosmic, spiritual, angelic, elemental and sensitive.


Multitudinario funeral, de quien fuera uno de los presidentes más respetados de la República Argentina.

Noticia del fallecimiento de Don Hipólito YrigoyenFotografía del inquilinato donde vivió sus últimos días Don Hipólito Yrigoyen.

Sarmiento 948

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Actualmente. adosada a una de sus columnas del edificio de 14 Pisos, se encuentra una placa recordatoria del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

El Restaurante ubicado en la entrada de dicho edificio, lleva el nombre del quien fuera dos veces presidente de la Nación Argentina, contribuyendo humildemente, con la memoria de uno de los mandatarios, y porque no, casi el único más honesto de nuestro país.

Hipólito Restó & Arte

Sarmiento 948

Ciudad de Buenos Aires